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Policies, Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions

**Winter Advisory: COLD WEATHER ALERT!

We cannot ship your plant order if low temperatures in your area will be below 35F degrees at any time for at least 7-10 days from the date of your order. This is too cold and not safe for live plants. Any orders placed in areas with temperatures lower than 35F will be cancelled, however, it is your responsible to check and know the temps in your area. If you order and we unknowingly ship in cold conditions, you are responsible for any damage and you will void any guarantee we provide.



SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!* Your satisfaction is our goal. Every reasonable step will be taken to resolve all issues to our customer's satisfaction. So relax and view our items with confidence that all your transactions will be exceptional! If you are not satisfied with your items, contact us within 24 hours and return (shipping is buyer's responsibility) the item(s) within 7 days in the same condition it was received and we will gladly replace the item(s) or refund the purchase price less the cost of shipping.

*Damage or DOA items caused due to carrier neglect, delay, abuse, carelessness, damage, and/or acts of God while in the possession of the shipper/carrier is the responsibility of the carrier. The buyer is responsible for making all necessary claims through the carrier as required by the carrier's guidelines, however, we will assist you in expediting and concluding all claims to the best of our ability should the need ever arise. In some cases, we will send you a new item (if available/possible) while waiting for the claim process to be finalized.



Payment is through Paypal only at this time. You may pay with your Paypal account or any of the Paypal accepted credit cards. All payments must be instant payments; completed and cleared before items will be shipped. All payments are due immediately upon purchasing. Deliveries within the state of Florida will be charged 8.5% tax. We generally do not accept cancellations once an order has been placed and processed.


We reserve the right to cancel any order for cause, lack of stock, address discrepancy, incorrect listing info, weather, reasons beyond our control, or at our discretion. 



Shipping is only to physical street addresses within the contiguous United States at this time. We apologize to our international neighbors and friends, however, we do NOT ship Internationally at this time.  We ship via USPS unless otherwise noted or unless other arrangements are made.

We reserve the right to cancel any order for cause, lack of stock, address discrepancy, incorrect listing info, weather, reasons beyond our control, or at our discretion. 


Most of our seeds and seedlings will be priced with shipping included free unless otherwise noted. On calculated shipping we will do our best to COMBINE SHIPPING on multiple items with no additional shipping fees, but only if the quantities will fit in the same or similar size box as the item with the highest shipping cost. We will try to combine items/plants where possible, but this will be on a case to case basis depending on the size and weight of the items. Non-Plant items will always be on a case to case basis. We will ALWAYS do our best to save YOU, our customer, money whenever possible! If you purchase multiple items, please request a quote (or adjustment) PRIOR TO PAYING.

We will not ship your order if low temperatures in your area will be below 35 degrees for at least 7-10 days from the date of your order. This is too cold and not safe for seeds or live plants. Any orders placed in areas with temperatures lower than 35 will be cancelled.

Orders of live plants to states or areas with regulations or restrictions on items we sell will be cancelled. If you know of such restrictions, please do not order.



Quality Plants: Although we ship only healthy, vigorous, high quality plants, nothing in nature is perfect. Minor leaf imperfections are normal. Tillandsias, plumerias, and adeniums commonly arrive with broken leaves as many varieties have stiff brittle or delicate leaves that easily break with handling. Leaves that have imperfections, browned tips, or are broken, can be safely trimmed. It is normal to lose some or all of their leaves during shipping and when acclimating to their new environment. Simply trim or pull off the dead leaves and/or possibly cut the stem back if you so desire.


Adenium & Plumeria: Seedlings, cuttings, and rooted plants will be shipped with leaves removed and bare root at our discretion. It is normal and commonplace for all leaves to yellow and drop during and after shipping. Any leaves left on the plant may be cut or contain imperfections which should not affect the health of the plant. It is your choice whether to remove them or leave them. Adenium and Plumeria listings are listed with names and colors as we believe them to be, to the best of our knowledge. Pictures are merely provided as examples and not exact plants/seeds offered unless otherwise noted. We cannot guarantee any seed/seedling variety will come out exactly as their parent mother plant. Adenium and Plumeria are in the Oleander family and like most plants that contain a milky substance, they may be poisonous and can be harmful to animals or children. As with any plant, it is the buyer's responsibility to research this further before purchasing as it is your sole responsibility and determination to purchase. You are responsible for any adverse reaction caused by the nature of these plants. Once purchased, this will not be cause for refund or return.


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: Any size declarations in our listings are estimates and may be off in either direction.

Any directions, instructions, or care information is merely our opinion and each person should do their own due diligence in obtaining the necessary information for the proper care of anything you purchase from our listings. Some of the information is from our own experiences and some has been gathered from the internet (which may or may not have been tested by us), and in no way should be considered conclusive or absolute. There is no guarantee that using any of our opinions or recommendations will give you positive results as each persons results may be different based on many other factors that we may not have covered in our information. We cannot know or cover every possible scenario.  Again, it is up to each individual to research and learn what will be the best technique for them based on their individual needs and environment.

All information regarding any plant's medicinal, health, or food properties is based merely on information gathered on the internet (or other third party information) and not to be relied on until you verify it through your own research and upon your own decision as to the validity of any and all claims. It is each person's responsibility to do your due diligence in verifying all claims prior to purchasing.


Reviews/Comments:  If you have not been satisfied with our service or product as it is described, we need to hear from you in order to address any issues you may have. We will make every attempt to satisfy our customers (within reason) and rectify any problems, so there is no need for negative, nasty or mere vindictive reviews or comments. Unwarranted, made-up, or improper comments/reviews will be reported, if warranted, to the authorities for appropriate legal action. We will also consider filing civil suit against anyone purposely attempting to defame our character or malign our reputation with disinformation, lies and negative comments.


By purchasing our items, you agree to contact us immediately and give us the opportunity to resolve any possible issues prior to making or posting derogatory comments or negative reviews. Positive reviews are our number one objective and we will, of course, reciprocate with like testimonials.


Right to Refuse Service: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at our discretion, including cancelling existing orders. Likewise, we reserve the right to block or refuse an existing customer from placing additional orders. 


Request More! We usually have more quantity available than the quantity listed in the listings, so please contact us about additional quantities and quantity discounts along with combined shipping calculations. . Likewise, if you have any other special requests pertaining to varieties, multiple piece groupings, variety groupings, etc., we are open to special requests and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to contact us!



All information and/or images on this site is the property of Plant Niche, Inc and may not be used without permission.

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