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Plant Health

Plant Care With Natural Remedies

“Say Goodbye to Harmful, Nasty Chemicals & Hello to Natural Cures!”


Today’s complex modern gardening cures and plant needs present a real challenge to many gardeners who want to grow and enjoy beautiful plants without the need to use chemicals and poisons that can prove harmful to our children, pets, ourselves and the environment.

Here at Adenium-Plumeria we have compiled an extensive list of ‘NATURAL’ remedies to deal with almost every problem you may encounter in your everyday gardening adventures. These remedies and cures that can help eliminate most garden pests; provide fertilizer without the need for harsh chemicals; explain ways to enrich your soil; show you how to rid yourself of nasty mosquitoes, gnats, roaches and other vermin without having to use methods that could harm you or your loved ones; ALL using safe, readily available, everyday natural products will be shared with you in our monthly newsletter at absolutely no cost to you.


Here are a few of the things you can learn from our informative newsletters:

  • How to easily root your own cuttings using a simple, natural, product that is as effective as most rooting hormones….

  • How to help your seedlings germinate quicker and more profusely….

  • How to use easy and effective ways to keep mosquitoes from biting….

  • How to root ‘Hard Wood’ cuttings in a short time….

  • How to keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor festivities….

  • How to keep your new seeds from ‘damping off’….

  • How to cure fungus in your garden….

  • How to turn natural everyday waste products found in your home into fertilizer….

  • How to rid yourself of those nasty worms, snails, toadstools and more naturally….

  • How to make a simple, inexpensive, and safe weed killer….

  • How get rid of those mean biting ants in your yard…

  • And many more natural cures and remedies….

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