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100 pcs Assorted Plumeria (Frangipani) seeds from a mix of many colors and varieties.  


Each pack contains a very nice mix of rare fresh Plumeria (Frangipani) seeds in assorted colors. They can be any variation of the colors & varieties shown or you may be pleasantly surprised with your very own special color.


They thrive in warm climates. They love full sun and require little water making it an easy plant to care for. Seeds germinate fairly easily and usually within 3-25 days after sowing. Our Adenium & Plumeria seed germination rate has been about 85-95%.

We cannot guarantee which seeds will produce which color flower. They are mixed together and many do not produce the exact color as the parent plant. You may get the same color as the parent, or you could get a brand new variety, so we cannot make any claims as to flower varieties.


Package Includes:
• Plumeria Seeds
• Planting Instructions


Plumeria (Frangipani) Seeds 100 Pack Assorted Mixed Varieties

  • We test random batches of seeds as well as grow our own seedlings in order to ensure that we always have fresh healthy seeds with a great germination percentage. Seeds can germinate in just a couple days or as much as a month or better. Either way, it is worth the wait. Once you get the allure of these beauties, you’re hooked.

    Adenium and Plumeria are highly sought out for their beautiful flowers and wide variety of colors and variations. They are both tropical plants that require warm to hot climates with little water.

    Like most plants with a milky liquid inside, Adenium & Plumeria may be harmful to children, pets, or persons with allergies. You should research Adenium & Plumeria prior to purchasing as it is your sole responsibility.

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