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Plumeria (Frangipani) 3 pc seedling mix 3-5" tall grown from mixed mystery seeds of many colors/varieties. 

These may be any variation of the colors & varieties shown or you may be pleasantly surprised with your very own special color.


Don't Miss This Great Opportunity To Own Three Potentially New & Rare Varieties Of These Beautiful Fragrant Plumeria Plants. Growing Plumeria can be fun and very rewarding. Remember… These are a 'mystery mix' that came from many unknown varieties, your plant(s) could look exactly like some of those pictured, or you could have a brand new rare, beautiful variety!!!  Enjoy the new discovery and anticipation.


If You Already Own Plumerias, You ABSOLUTELY Love Them!

If You Don't... You ABSOLUTELY Will!

Bring The Aroma And Beauty of The Tropics Into Your Very Own Home or Garden!

Plumeria/Frangipani - aka Hawaiian Lei Tree - Plumeria Frangipani Live Seedling Plants.


Plumeria thrive in warm climates. They love full sun (once acclimated) and require low water making it an easy plant to care for. Plumerias are hardy in the tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world. You can grow them anywhere provided you protect them from frost or freeze. You can simply keep it indoors in a well-lighted area during the cold months. USDA Zone 10 or higher or in colder climates make a beautiful tropical houseplant.


We cannot guarantee which color flower your seedling(s) will produce. They are from mixed batches of seeds and many do not produce the exact color as the parent plant. You may get the same color as the parent, or you could get a brand new variety, so we cannot make any claims as to flower varieties.


Package Includes:

•    Plumeria Seedling(s)

•    Care and Growing Instructions


You will receive your seedling(s) like or similar to those pictured. Pots are NOT included. Seedlings are young and fragile. Leaves and soil will be removed before shipping to reduce stress & damage on your live plants during shipping. Seedlings may be bare root with minimal soil or no soil as we feel necessary. When you receive your seedling please unpack them and plant them immediately. They will continue to grow new leaves during the warmer months, or if received in colder months, they may remain dormant until the warmer weather returns. Care and Growing instructions will be included.


Plumeria (Frangipani) Plant 3 Live Seedlings MYSTERY Variety/Color Mix 3"-5"

  • We grow and offer Adenium and Plumeria seedlings from our own seeds which can be from ‘mystery mix’ colors to ‘named varieties’ where you can pick from specific colors and varieties. Either way, you will receive healthy seedlings of our latest varieties.  Once you get the allure of these beauties, you’re hooked.

    Adenium and Plumeria are highly sought out for their beautiful flowers and wide variety of colors and variations. They are both tropical plants that require warm to hot climates with little water.

    Like most plants with a milky liquid inside, Adenium & Plumeria may be harmful to children, pets, or persons with allergies. You should research Adenium & Plumeria prior to purchasing as it is your sole responsibility.

    * Seedlings/Plants will have leaves and soil removed prior to shipping in order to help avoid excessive stress and shock on your live plants. 

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